About BWS Massage On Demand, LLC

BWS is an acronym for Bodies with Style. Our mission is to improve the quality of movement through therapeutic touch. Not stopping at just physical improvement and indulgence, each of our services reaches out to and improves our clients sense of health and wellness. We offer customized massages and other modalities to position the body and mind in a place for success and happiness. At BWS, it’s all about you– what your body wants and what your spirit needs.

What differentiates us

BWS, is a platform for connecting clients, influencers & celebrities with our team of 20 plus vetted, licensed & insured massage therapist. We built a culture that engages both our therapist & clients on self-care & why Massage Therapy is important to the mind, body & soul. As a small business, we personalized our services based on the client therapeutic needs.

“Massage therapy is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

Why we love what we do

We have a passion to help others in need with healing therapy. We strongly embrace the benefits of massage therapy and most rewarding that our clients are completely satisfied. Helping others become a better version of themselves gives us the greatest joy in serving our communities.

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